Is the TAX MAN investigating you?

Is your client currently the subject of a HMRC TAX INVESTIGATION?

As an ex-Senior HM Revenue & Customs Officer with thirty years investigation experience


My services are available either to support the Professional Advisor and/or directly to the taxpayer.


I Can Offer Practical Advice On:
  • Income and Corporation Tax Investigations/Compliance checks, both Aspect and Full, including preparing for and attending meetings with HMRC, Penalty negotiations, Procedural Matters, Records and Documents examinations, etc.
  • Dealing with Code of Practice 9 cases (the Contractual Disclosure Facility) including the preparation of Disclosure Reports. It you have received a letter from HMRC notifying you of their suspicion of tax fraud it is very important that you seek the appropriate professional advice immediately. Do not risk possible criminal proceedings being taken against you
  • Any current HMRC Disclosure Initiative
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Second Opinions
  • Support with First Tier Tribunal appeal hearings including preparation and presentation
  • Cases involving Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)